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If you are among the older generation in the state of Texas, here is information that will help resolve some of your quality-of-life concerns and care needs during this time ofyour life.  The organization is the Texas Silver-Haired Legislature.  Bobette and Jerome Doerrie are our Panhandle Area Agency on Aging representatives to the TSHL,and they volunteer numerous hours every day volunteering and gathering information fromanyone who is concerned about older Texans. In every presentation they do, they ask for concerns older Texans are having, and look for ways to help. If the Texas Legislature can change a regulation that could make a difference, members of the TSHL write resolutions which are the recommendations to the Legislature about a solution. A resolution is written after research and interviews, and it has the suggested language our Texas legislators and their staff may use or change if they see a need.
After long hours of research and traveling to and from Austin, the TSHL has compiled a
list of the Top Ten Resolutions for the 19 th  TSHL Legislature, chosen from the 54
resolutions adopted this session that will be delivered in a bound Legislative Report to
representatives and senators across the state of Texas.  TSHL members will also testify
in committee hearings and provide information to Texas Legislators to help with the
passing of the bills.   Whether you are a senior or a family member of the older
generation, these resolutions should be considered, for they may be just what you have
been needing. TSHL members share individual stories with the legislators as well as
current statistics to emphasize the need for change.
(806) 202 2967 if you have questions,
want to thank them, or want more info about being represented in Texas Legislature.
They will be glad to hear other ways TSHL can improve your quality of life. 
The Texas Silver-Haired Legislature is AN ON LINE NON-PARTISAN ORGANIZATION
serving all Texas seniors. The website is
Don’t let these incredible opportunities for you and yours slip by.

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Resolutions Adopted by TSHL May 2022

Top 10 Resolutions Bolded (not ranked)
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